She lives to protect you.

Your dog would do anything to keep your family safe. Show her the feeling is mutual. Help protect her with Canada’s #1 preventative pet product.


Ask your veterinarian about NexGard SPECTRA®

Because NexGard SPECTRA® is a prescription product, your best source of information is your veterinarian. Here are some questions to help you get the conversation started. Select the questions you would like to ask your veterinarian by checking off the corresponding box. Download your customized list and print it out prior to your next appointment.
Ask your veterinarian about NexGard SPECTRA®

Questions to ask:

Download your list of questions and book an appointment with your veterinarian today.

Save up to $30 when you protect your dog with NexGard SPECTRA®.

Save $15.00 when you buy a 6-pack of NEXGARD SPECTRA®, PLUS save $2.50 on each additional chew. Simply purchase NEXGARD SPECTRA® from a Canadian veterinarian and claim your rebate by clicking the link below.

Offer valid for purchases made between January 1 and September 30, 2021. See below for full details.

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